The Fuller Family: Meet Mark Chenard

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Mark Chenard

Mark Chenard is an Associate in Fuller Landau’s Audit and Assurance group. With a fun-loving, quirky personality and an up-for-the-challenge attitude, he weighs in on life in Hamilton, both inside and outside of the office.

 Q: What is unique about the Hamilton office?

I’m new to the city of Hamilton, having recently moved from St. Catharines. The first thing I noticed was the culture and diversity, which was perhaps a bit unexpected. There’s always something going on here, whether it be street art festivals, revitalization of the waterfront, or new restaurants opening for business. I think there is great growth potential in Hamilton and surrounding areas, so it makes sense that Fuller Landau launched a second location here.

Q: What do you value most about your role at Fuller Landau?

I really appreciate the exposure that I’ve been given at Fuller Landau. I get to experience such a wide range within public accounting including external audits, reviews, and compilation files, as well as corporate and personal tax. I have a persistent craving to learn new things, and there’s always a variety and depth to the work here.

I also really value the environment we have at both our Hamilton and Toronto offices. There’s a sense of collaboration and team work across the firm. People genuinely care about and are interested in each other, so we all feel comfortable in asking for and receiving help. And with the Hamilton office being a fairly recent addition, I’m looking forward to rolling out some new traditions over the years to come.

Q: What is the most rewarding part about your job?

In my opinion, you can’t beat the face-to-face personal interaction with clients. I love connecting with people, taking the time to really understand the inner workings of their company, and helping them navigate through growth. For most business owners, their company is their biggest passion and it’s personal to them. I end up feeling that I am part of their success, and that is very rewarding.

Q: Any words of advice for other CPA professionals?

Nothing beats hard work. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, it will pay off in the end. I would also suggest that it’s important to challenge your assumptions and it builds character to do things that are outside of your comfort zone. Don’t ever settle for “good enough.” Always try to do better and be better.

Q: What do you get up to, outside of the office?

I love spending time in the great outdoors, and I really enjoy travelling. My favourite trip was the backpacking expedition I took across Europe when I was only 17, with two of my closest friends. We covered 11 countries in just 30 days, mostly by high-speed train. It was a whirlwind and I learned so much about other cultures. But more than anything, travelling helps to remind me of how fortunate I really am. Canada is a great country, and I can’t wait to see more of it.

Q: What is something we may not know about you?

I am a traditionalist at heart, at least when it comes to dress code. Fuller Landau recently rolled out a more casual dress policy, which our team really loves. But for me, I’m way more comfortable in a suit and tie, than a pair of jeans. I think my colleagues and clients would be shocked to see me dressed casually at the office.

On a separate note, I love dogs, and I just got my first puppy a few weeks ago. She’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback and her name is Luna (no, it’s not short for ‘lunatic’!). She’ll grow to be about 90 pounds, but so far, she thinks she’s a lap dog and she wants to be cuddled all the time. I was always told that dogs will give more than they will take, and I definitely see the truth in that statement. We are already inseparable.

Thanks for your insights, Mark! We look forward to hearing about the new traditions you’ll be rolling out in the Hamilton office!

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